Adult Clay Courses

Ongoing, Intro to Clay, Beginner Wheel, Private Lessons

Make time in your week to be creative!


Fall 2016 Ongoing Courses

September 6 to October 29 (8 weeks)

November1 to December 17 (7 weeks) * Not Thanksgiving 


Winter/Spring 2017 Ongoing Courses

January 3 to February 25 (8 weeks)

March 7 to April 15 (6 weeks)

April 25 to June 17 (8 weeks)

Summer class schedules are determined by student and instructor schedules before the season begins. They run from June 20th through the end of August.

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ONGOING Adult Clay Courses     


$254       8 weeks 

$226       7 weeks

$198       6 weeks

$170       5 weeks

$142       4 weeks

Tuesday evenings from 6 to 8 pm.


Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 pm.

Saturday mornings from 10 to noon.
(Please see schedule above)

These courses are for students with basic to advanced clay skills who wish to increase their skill level while working in a group setting. Our instructors build curriculum around the goals of the individuals in each class and the class dynamic. We will help you get the most out of your studio time and art experience. 

 Whether you work in wheel, hand building, tile making, extrusion, slabs, molds, extrusion, sculpture or any combination, our Ceramic studio is equipped to meet your needs. Our beautiful open space is bathed in natural light and is an ideal creative space. Carve some time out of your busy life and create unique gifts for your self and others. 

Cost of this course includes 25 lbs. clay, tool access & two hours of instruction weekly and virtually unlimited open studio access.   


Private Lessons by Appointment 

Just looking for the experience of the wheel for the pure fun of it? Private lessons are available at the rate of $60 for 1 1/2 hours of messy fun!

Call 802-253-8790 or write to

 Introduction to Clay

Base Course


PER YEAR        

October 5, 2016
November 16, 2016
February 1, 2017
March 22, 2017
May 24, 2017

 Four consecutive Wednesdays

from 6 to 8 pm

  $155 with registration fee   4 weeks

If you have always wanted to try your hand at clay this is the way to do it! Our small classes insure personal attention and guidance as you learn the basics and execute simple hand built projects. By the end of your course you will have explored several construction techniques including Pinch, Coil, Slab & Extrusion.  As your creations work their way through the processes of drying and firing, we will explore surface decoration and glaze application. Along the way you will become familiar with the basic properties of stoneware clay and the associated terminology. By the second week of this course you will have gained enough knowledge to consider our Basic Wheel Workshop.

Grab a friend you wish you could spend more time with and jump in! What could be better than playing together in the mud!

Cost of this course includes 25 lbs. clay, tool access & two hours of instruction weekly and virtually unlimited open studio access.  

        (Pre-requisite for Wheel Workshop)


Basic Wheel      Workshop         


Intro to Clay                        

          $50         2 hours        

Once you understand the basic properties of Clay, you are ready for a Wheel Workshop. This very small class setting will provide a private lesson atmosphere for you to receive encouraging personal instruction. It is designed with your success in mind.  

Even if you decide the wheel is not for you, the experience is great fun and you will create a finished piece of your very own! And, who knows? You may be captivate like so many of the rest of us!

Includes tool access and two hours of personalized instruction in basic wheel throwing.
Scheduled at the convenience of the students and the instructor.